Prior to closing, you will meet with a customer care representative of Midhaven Homes for the purpose of inspecting and an orientation your home. The purpose of this walk through is:

  • To verify that the completed home meets or exceeds Midhaven Homes demanding quality standards as well as your expectations.
  • To familiarize you with the features of your home and to demonstrate the operation of the various systems of your home, e.g. heating and air-conditioning, electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, windows, doors, and so on;
  • To explain the key maintenance items and tips for your own maintenance program;
  • To make sure that you understand the procedures that we have established to best serve you.

During your New Home Orientation, there will be several forms to be completed:

  • your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and,
  • the Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP) pursuant to Tarion and the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act.

With a product as complex as your new home and regardless of our rigorous quality control program, there may be a few necessary last minute adjustments. We want to make sure that the required adjustments are identified and addressed as soon as possible. With the exception of back-ordered items and work that cannot be tackled because of the weather, we will complete all of the adjustments noted during the PDI Orientation as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?
The PDI represents one of your first opportunities to view your new home in its completed state. A Midhaven Homes customer care representative will guide you through a comprehensive inspection and show you how to operate the systems in your home, such as ventilation, plumbing and heating. During the PDI, you should identify any damaged, incomplete or missing items as well as anything which is not operating properly. Your customer care representative will record these conditions on the PDI Form to verify that they existed prior to occupancy. If you cannot assess something because it has not yet been installed or completed, have this noted on the PDI Form as well.

At the PDI you will be asked to sign the PDI Form, a Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP). The CCP also marks the official date of possession, which establishes when your warranty coverage begins.

When should a PDI be conducted?
We prefer to conduct the PDI approximately one week before occupancy when possible. You will be contacted by our office closer to your firm closing date to confirm your PDI appointment.

How long does a PDI usually take?
You should plan for anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of your new home. A PDI is serious business and should not be rushed. We will conduct the PDI during their normal business hours, usually in the early afternoon.

Who should be there?
The people named in the contract or the designate are permitted to attend the PDI. If you intend to send a designate to conduct the PDI in your place, please ensure that you provide Midhaven Homes with written authority from you, the purchaser authorizing them to sign the PDI Form, and the CCP.

Although we appreciate how excited you are to see your new home, this is not a time to show family and friends the house or for you to be distracted by people wanting to measure for draperies. Pay attention to detail. There is a lot to be learned during the PDI as well as proper records to be kept.

How do I prepare for the PDI?
The day before your inspection you should review your contract, including any features lists, colour selection sheets and change orders. Take these documents with you to the inspection. You will want to ensure that all of the extras, upgrades and options you requested as part of your offer have been installed. Confirm that the colours and styles you chose are the ones that appear in your new home.

Dress appropriately for the occasion, including wearing proper footwear. Remember you are on a construction site and the PDI covers the entire house, inside and out.

What actually happens during the PDI?
A Midhaven Home Customer Care representative will meet you at your new home and will walk you through your new home room by room, top to bottom, inside and out. You should be very thorough and observant during the walk-through. Inspect the surfaces of counters, floors, fixtures and walls for any possible damages. Disputes may arise because you discover a chipped floor tile after you move in and there is no way to prove whether it was there before move in or happened during the move.

The PDI is the ideal time to learn the proper operation and maintenance of your home's mechanical ventilation system. Understanding your ventilation system helps control indoor air quality and protects your new home warranty. Problems arising from homeowner neglect are not covered under warranty.

Please refer to your Midhaven homeowners manual for copies of any manufacturer's instruction booklets and warranty certificates. Included in your Midhaven homeowner’s manual is also a moisture and air guide and a seasonal maintenance checklist with many tips on maintenance and proper operation of the components in your new home.

If you are completing the PDI during the winter months or unfavorable weather, you may not be able to fully review the exterior of your new home. Do not worry…simply make a note on the inspection form about which items you could not view and list specifically those items which are not completed.

How are my concerns documented?
We will record all your concerns on the PDI Inspection form. After the PDI inspection form and the CCP form is signed, we will give you a copy for your records and a copy for your lawyer.

What happens to the Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP)?
Once you have completed your inspection, you will be asked to sign the CCP. Signing the CCP form does not limit your warranty rights. Should warranted deficiencies occur during the warranty period, you can still advise Midhaven Homes in writing. You will be given a copy of the CCP form. It should be filed in a safe place for future reference. Midhaven Homes will send a copy of the CCP form to Tarion. On closing, please remove the warranty sticker on the CCP form and place it on the electrical panel in your new home for future reference.